ManMeter measures a mans, um, manhood by analyzing his thumbprint... or so it seems! This prankster app will have you and your friends rolling with laughter!

Celebrity Lookalike

Take a friends picture and the app pretends to search the web for their celebrity lookalike. YOU actually choose the phony result... your friend will never know!


TrustBUST secretly takes pictures of intruders while they are invading someone's iPhone and, most importantly, tells you if they were intentionally trying to read private messages.


Geared towards kids, this app searches the internet for images of people, places, or things. Created with a built-in censor filtering out adult words, FotoFarm is fun, fast, and educational!

FotoFarm for iPad

Does exactly what FotoFarm does on the iPhone, only with larger images for the iPad! The same censor filter is found on the version of iPad.